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Sewing Pattern Collection

We thrive to make well-drafted sewing patterns for all levels that are easy to make and stylish to wear from tops to coats. 

Rochad Sewing Studio

Learn techniques and processes online, with skill building tutorials at your fingertips in our expanding sewing library.

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Our Story

Rochad Studio // Katherine Dress

Sewing lets you express yourself through your creations, it's very satisfying and stretches beyond making your own clothes...

Rochad Studio is an independent sewing patterns brand. We focus on helping you build your sewing skills and techniques as you work on different garment types.

Learn tricks from the fashion industry that will enable you to achieve wearable garments. If you love sewing and have always wanted to expand your wardrobe this is a good place to start right from the comfort of your home.

Sewing Patterns

Sewing Patterns

Want to level up your sewing skills?


I'm grateful for this lovely opportunity to expand my sewing skills. The bias slip pattern, illustrations and instructions was easy to follow. I'm looking forward to making a coat for my next sewing project. 


I love learning to sew from the comfort of my home since the new normal world change recently. The processes and techniques involved in sewing is so much easier when the instructions are simplified.


Thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone with the jersey Katherine dress, it looks amazing on and fits so comfortably. The instructions are crystal clear, I did not encounter any difficulties.