by Rochad
28th January 2018
My sewing tool box

It’s crazy just how much you accumulate as a creative person, no matter how much I recycle, throw away or donate unused items my creative space is always expanding and that’s just my fabric stash that I’m referring to. I have lots of scissors for various types of work and I always believe in having the correct tools as it saves time and makes your process more productive.

I bought this recent addition of two cute sewing boxes that I couldn’t resist, It has a padded lid that you can stick pins and needles in it’s essentially a pincushion.

1. Point turner – Use to form crisp points, well-shaped pockets and garment turnings by gently shaping from the inside.

2. Sewing gauge – Used for measuring short spaces and marking hem turnings.

3. Clippers – I tend to use these more often to clip threads than a small pair of scissors.

4. Tape measure – A vital piece of my equipment for pattern cutting and dressmaking.

5. Hand sewing needles – I’ve been using Sharps since my college days, they come in various sizes to suit different weights of fabric.

6. Small scissors – Essential for cutting threads and fiddly tasks.

7.  Metal thimble – Your thimble should fit comfortably, without falling off, I wear mine to protect my finger that pushes the needle through the fabric. Without it, you’ll end up with lots of tiny holes in your fingertip.

8. Wrist pin cushion & pins – When I’m in a fitting it’s easy for me to access pins close by.

9. Beeswax – This will make your hand sewing easier and more enjoyable as you won’t have to worry about tangling threads as you work.

10. Chalk pencil – I use a chalk pencil to mark buttons, eyelets or pocket positions and the (chalk dispenser – my favourite) or a triangle shape to mark fabrics. This needs to be kept sharp for a clean line.

11. Screwdriver – I use a small screwdriver for swapping out machine plates.

12. Unpicker – For unpicking stitches and undoing seams

13. Buttonhole chisel – This cuts the fabric clearly through a machine-stitched buttonhole.

14. Safety pins – I mainly use them to anchor elastic or thread elastic through a channel. This handy 2-tier food storage container is what I use to store some of my tools in, it’s ideal because it’s long enough for my scissors. More on this later…

Please note: We are working on fully extending our size range in our existing collection of sewing patterns as well as new releases in all sizes. Thank you for your support throughout this process!

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