by Rochad
14th February 2018

The Madeleine Cardigan with a drape front, long sleeve is one of my favourite garments to wear when the weather is mild, it's what I call a transitional piece. I have made up many Madeleines in different colours, I usually wear mine layered over a t-shirt or shirt when I'm meeting friends or nipping to the shops, it's also great for busy mums' on the school run and ideal for when your driving.

I've used a 2-way fine red rib jersey with greater stretch and recovery that drapes around the body beautifully as its a relaxed design. The centre back and armhole seams are sewn together with a 4 thread overlocker using a 7mm/1/4" seam allowance, you could also use a ballpoint needle, a zigzag or stretch stitch on a domestic machine. Stretch thread in the same colour and a cover stitch machine is optional.

It's quick and easy to make, just two pattern pieces and it was a breeze to sew with a one-way layout on a single layer I place weights on the pattern before cutting out. From cut to finish it took me a total of just under 2 hours to complete. As always test your stitching on a scrap of the same fabric. The Madeleine cardigan is for beginners level.

Snuggle up with this front drape and side waterfall, long sleeve Madeleine cardigan, it's longer on the side and finishes below the lower hip the perfect wardrobe building block.

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