It's crazy just how much you accumulate as a creative person, no matter how much I recycle, throw away or donate my creative space is always expanding and that's just my fabric stash that I'm referring too. I have loads of scissors for various types of work and I always believe in having the correct tools as it makes your process more enjoyable and you achieve a beautifully finished garment. I bought this recent addition of two cute sewing boxes that I couldn't resist, It has a padded lid that I stick pins and needles in when I'm in the mist of hand sewing, It's like a pin cushion.

1. Point turner - Use to form crisp points, well-shaped pocket and garment turnings by gently shaping from the inside.

2. Sewing gauge - Used for measuring short spaces and marking hem turnings.

3. Clippers - I tend to use these more often to clip threads than a small pair of scissors.

4. Tape measure - A vital piece of my equipment for pattern cutting and dressmaking.

5. Hand sewing needles - I've been using Sharps since college days, they come in various sizes to suit different weights of fabric.

6. Small scissors - Essential for cutting threads and fiddly tasks.

7.  Metal thimble - Your thimble should fit comfortably, without falling off, I wear mine to protect my finger that pushes the needle through the fabric. Without it, you'll end up with lots of tiny holes on your fingertip.

8. Wrist pin cushion & pins - When I'm in a fitting it's easy for me to access pins close by.

9. Beeswax - This will make your hand sewing easier and more enjoyable as you won't have to worry about tangling threads as you work.

10. Chalk pencil - I use a chalk pencil to mark buttons, eyelet or pocket positions and the (chalk dispenser - my favourite) or a triangle shape to mark fabrics. This needs to be kept sharp for a clean line.

11. Screwdriver - I use a small screwdriver for swapping out machine plates.

12. Unpicker - For unpicking stitches and undoing seams

13. Buttonhole chisel - This cuts the fabric clearly through a machine stitched buttonhole.

14. Safety pins - I mainly use to anchor elastic or threading elastic through a channel.

This handy 2-tier food storage container is what I use to store some of my tools in, it's ideal because its long enough for my scissors. More on this later...

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