by Rochad
17th April 2019

Meet our new pattern the Betty bias camisole and slip. The Betty bias-cut flattering slip and camisole fit like a second skin when worn. Featuring adjustable straps, neckline, and underarm finish with narrow bias tape. Wear your Betty slip comfortably under a dress, the camisole paired with trousers for an evening out, or simply lounge in with shorts at home.

Think of those beautiful bias slips Betty Davis wore in the black and white movies. Silks and lightweight woven fabric with a lot of drape are so slippery they need extra care and attention to cut accurately. Sandwich your fabric in-between a layer of paper on the base and your sewing pattern on the top.

This anchors the fabric flat and prevents it from moving while you cut. Use weights or sewing pins in-between the seams to prevent marking your delicate fabric. Cut your pattern out on a single layer of fabric using a sharp rotary cutter or a pair of scissors, a flat surface, use a fine needle. Slippery fabrics like silk, viscose, and cotton are the perfect match for this pattern.

The camisole and slip are available in our size range of UK XXXXS- XL/4-16 for the A4/US letter-size PDF pattern. A0 copy shop printing is also available on all of our patterns.

Fabric Suggestion

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Please note: We are working on fully extending our size range in our existing collection of sewing patterns as well as new releases in all sizes. Thank you for your support throughout this process!

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